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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  August 27, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> fox news channel continuing the coverage of hurricane irene. >> shepard: we have another update from the national hurricane center and bring that to you in a moment. special coverage of the storm on the move. officials blame her for six deaths. a boy hit by a tree and a child who died in a car crash in north carolina. the tornado in virginia beach, virginia. it did serious damage to five homes and the owners had obeyed evacuation order and so no one was there. look at the damage in north carolina, where it first made landfall this morning. almost one million businesss and homes in the east coast have no worry and it is heading north. on the way here to new york
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city where the city is taking historic step to prepare for a rare possible hit. the entoire transit system is shut down and most people don't have cars. it is the first total shut down because of weather in new york city history. mayor bloomburg ordering mandatory evacuation and said staying behind can be deadly. all along the path, and first things first. meteorologist with the latest update for the national hurricane center. it is now back over the water. you can so the last couple of loops back over the atlantic ocean and not much interaction with the land. it is moving faster now, shepherd and moving northeast still. and 16 miles per hour instend of 14 miles per hour. that is the only significant change.
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moving faster than we thought it would be and it would move and in north carolina to the exist here. and it is extreme flooding . all of the heavy rain continuing from washington d.c. to baltimore and philly. there is increases in the storm surge and tide. it is causing big problems still on the other side of it. still wind in cape hatteras. and spreading in the fours and 50s in del marva and the last one in jersey.
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it is getting worse. and they are hurricane like conditions. >> one of the problems is significant rainfall. it is 20 inches of rain. that is widespread 8-12 inches and ending up with an additional 12 inches. and heading up to new jersey and up to 20 inches. and a lot of northern new england getting 12-15 inches of rain and that will have widespread acts for flooding. that is horrendous and horrific. power out ages and flooding on that. inland flooding.
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and poston public transit. it will be closed tomorrow for the day. the left side is really, really well. that is right. in this case. farther to the north and ringing out moisture. and that is what we are going to see. it is lumbering this far north. we have looked at the models. they are all in alignment in new york city sometime tomorrow morning and that continues to be the case. we are talking about the west side, east side of new york city. all of this water funnels up in the new york harbor and hudson river. more concerns for areas of
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long island. storm surge on the eastern side of it. it is a lot of power down. trees will come down in a big way. that will have all kinds of power affects. it will take them a long time to get that much power back o that many people. long beach in big trouble. >> it is a lot of people in long beach. those beaches closer to new york city. and the storm goes closer in new york city. there is a track with this storm it is a big low pressure center. and that is the pressure on this thing. that is enough to sustain a cat 2 or cat 3. >> you said it.
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it doesn't respond or get weaker as quickly. it is a stronger storm and not weakening as quick as we might see it. that kind of a storm has bigger affects . it is a storm. that holds more moisture than cold air that. is you get the devastating rains . live in the fox weather center. new yorkers are a stubborn and tough bunch who don't like to be told what to do. but if you are in low-lying areas in queens and the rock aways and breezy point and long beach and you plan to
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ride it out overnight, the mayor of new york city wants you to understand that no one will save you and your funeral will not be free. it will come in high tide and one of the high highest tides of the year. if you are at two or three feet above sea level you better be able to swim . it is right along the path. how is it looking in >> it is looking okay. we can so minor damage and the rough of the hotel is beginning to peel back. that may change. we are expecting peak around 2:00. there is a new development here. the national weather service issued a tornado warning for portions of delaware.
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we are five miles from the delaware. >> it is lewis delaware affected by that. there were no reports of injuris and damage thus far. that is a factor and i know rick is making mention thav. there is a real problem in ocean city. it is low lying. and even in the best of the circumstances the breaching of the sea wall and dunes that are standing and seems to be holding up well thus far and also from the back bay flooding more readly. we'll see how it works out. it is so far half an hour away. it is lapping up against the
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-- and another deadline was passed and 6:00 tonight they stopped functioning of the waste water control plant. we do have flooding. it spreads out over the bay and a rich fishing ground. and they shut down the sewage treatment plant. everyone is allowed one ceremonial flush after that. that is all of the detail we will go into. >> shepard: around ocean city, folks, it is an overnight event. it is loud and difficult. this is the sixth avenue and radio city mucal on the right side of the screen.
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central park. saturday evening, eastern daylight time and there is no body anywhere. never not in the heart of the snow storm have i seen it like this in new york city. it is asounding like another dimension set n and new yorkers are doing something that doesn't include walking around. and much to the same south of us. atlantic city, new jersey. casinos have the noise. not the noise tonight. no one is gambling. and rick leaven thol is there. it is weird. >> i have been there a number of times and never seen the slots dark. it has been shut down and the conditions are worsening here.
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the surf is violent . hitting the sand do you know here. we could see the record breaking storm surge here in atlantic city because of the new moon and high tide. i want to give you a look at the surf. it is pounding. and look at the garden pier that is hammered by the wave. slamming against the pilings out there. rough conditions and this is just the beginning of it. the ground is sativated as you know, shep, and so they are concerned about coastal flooding . good news for emergency officials that evacuation warnings were headed. it is out of town and few
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hundred people. police leave and they sent buses in here and most of the them will ride out the storm here. because we are talking about casinos and don walked up here without a rain coat. you are losing a lot of money. we got everybody off of the island. and we have this and we'll ride it through. it is different for us . we told people and they are adamant of that and got our employees off of the ilan. >> do you own a rain coat. >> i was not preparing to be out in the beach. >> they may have lost three to five million and they own four
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properties here. the last weekend of august. but the safety is a big concern. the governor said shut it down and get everybody out. >> shepard:. i think i are money on deposit there. they can use that stay dry my man. and 12-14 inches was rain. and a storm surge 4-8 or five or 10 feet. they say it could flood lower manhattan and the village and get this, they announced that the subway system will be up and running until after the monday morning rush hour. monday morning rush hour. storm has to hit first. this...-
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>> making projections for the new york city metropolitan area and new jersey. on the new jersey shore they are predicting 4-8 foot storm surges and hit in new jersey and western side of manhattan and eastern side of manhattan. and the tip of long island, around ton - montauk getting one or two inches and the closer to the city, very city to queens and in long island, could have as much as 10 inches of rain and a big storm surge. that puts the hamptons in kind of flux and expecting rain and surge and no way to know how much.
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it is the first hampton. and look at them rolling behind you already. they only mede to look at the waves spurning. it is a solid sevenhours of rain. first of all the dunes at the height of eight foot tall. you get the storm surge that is coming. it is coming and you add to that a very high tide and around exactly the same time midmorning tomorrow when the storm is expected to hit here. and then they could see the water cross the road and i tell you there is a lot of standing water.
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it is a precarious. it is along the tiny strip of land to get on the main land side. there is one person who is refusing to leave the dream home. it is a man who gets insurance put together on monday. imperfect to say the least. >> johnathon hunt in west hampton beach. keeping watch over the hamptons for us. it hit north carolina and a lot of water. and new burn north carolina. got 17 inches was rain. and so what is thement of the
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>> 23 minutes past seveno'clock. maximum sustained winds. and 100 miles per hour gust reported and packing a strong storm surge and extreme low wet on the left with 20 inches of rain and you can see the track. and this thing is making a lion to new york city.
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and not a single pedestrian walking that i can see anyway on sixth avenue. john roberts is in kill devil hills in north carolina. you have had a rough day in it has been rough and. and it is in the last half an hour and wind is shifting around 180 degrees and coming on shore. all of that water is pushed back this way and we have flooding. and hide county, and they are
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in scranton. and all of that water was there. now that the winds are beginning to subside they hope to get emergency crews out to assess the situation. no reports of injuries and fatalitit - fatalities. and they fell in the storm. it is sand dunes, it may take more to clean tup. the mayor of kill hills said it is amazing how little happened. this is something i never
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experienced before. the power went out in kill devil hills for 20 seconds and it came back on again. there is a chance with the minimal amount of danger. and the tourist come back and enjoy it. and one other thing, too shep, i am so glad the national hurricane center was wrong. it was supposed to come ashore as a category 3. i would hate to see what would happen in new york city if it held that strength. john roberts getting blown around. there is a tornado in virginia beach, virginia. we have to get it from the
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national weather service. in addition to the bottom of the hour is coming. our center is working around the clock. this is our coverage of hurricane irene.
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>> evidence of a tornado in virginia beach, virginia. the small tornado may have hit
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a bridge and damaged five hopes. i am worried about this. good grieve. that is the shower down there. hey, mom, i have a weird feeling that we have to go. >> okay. >> i am serious. right now. it is a good idea, mom. >> they think it is a tornado. you can't say that until they confirmed it.
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it was the straight line wins. one of them said that is bad and that areurn a tornado watch in eastern daylight time. as far as this reported tornado we'll let you know. what is the projected path. it is live in the - on i have to tell you all indications that was probably a tornado. you don't get straight line winds in tropical storm. that damage certainly looks like it. you can get small tornados and that means tonight in places like the jersey shore and new york city and parts of long
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island they need to keep that in mind. big flooding in parts of. it is flash flooding going on right now. big storm surge moving in the virginia tide waters . and that is philadelphia on the delaware river. and then by tomorrow morning, we'll see all of the flooding in the north. and the storm pulled out in the water and back to the atlantic right now. it is in the northeast. no changes in the forecast. and that is good news. we have a forewarning so they
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can take procautions . and parts of pennsylvania and parts of virginia. and stretching to new jersey and one big band, about to move in new york city and coastal areas of long island. it is 30 miles per hour of that. and this is going to have them wake up. we are not sure we believe that. >> it was moving 13 or 14. i i wonder if that changes the landfall proyections. no, it is for the northeast. we could be looking at an hour or two later.
7:35 pm
and that is in the center of it. look at the pictures of john roberts today. >> he's been beaten on. we don't want to talk about the center. you love, too. it is a big storm. not this. charmy, packed a punch for a lot of people. it is proplonged punches. >> you bet. we are occurred in the pictures of the storm. let me read it again. fox it is the letter u. which at one time seemed cool. we'll get them on the air . we have a picture from the new
7:36 pm
york city metropolitan area. someone named irene asking for the storm to be good to us. and another one this is people waiting in gas. this is producing the week day. they ran out in west chamption beach and overcast sky from the upper eat side apartment window. the executive producer is in bed recup operating from the planned surgery. this is the look from her window. we are getting the first real wind and rain. they should hit around here technically.
7:37 pm
they are live in manhattan and battery park with lady liberty behind her. we are in the middle of a lull we can see it on the sky line . speaking of that. i want to swing the camera around and give you perspective to where we are. no, we are actually right on the brink of the financial district. imagine if it was a week day. it would be badly affected. but instead commuters are having to whether - weather it by not going anywhere. no subways or trains . they are helping to get the
7:38 pm
residents who didn't head the warning to get out. >> we have noticed behind me. new york harbor. you can see there is ferry out there. if you want to get around and get to staten island that's how you get there . as rick said we are not getting anywhere near that >> air travel is cancelled . they are closed to allow shelter . zone a. that was a mandatory evacuation and unprecedented. for this area to be evacuate public transportation to be shut down because of weather. 370,000 people had to get out of town . if the bridge is closed. if you want to get out.
7:39 pm
you are stuck here. there is no way out of the city. if you haven't heeded them do so. we talked to the new york city police commissioners and he said new yorkers have been compliant. that is history in the making. >> being compliant for new yorkers. >> these are the pictures from all over the city. close, closed. you mentioned the staten island ferry. drop the banner. that would be grand central station. and it is completely empty. because this is the grand hall in the grand central station. there are no tranes running and nothing to connect to. the city is shut down and the craziness of it all as indicated every monday. seven million people will be commuting. they will not do it on the transit or m-10 of or b line
7:40 pm
it is shut all day on monday. >> if you are a nonnew yorker. and want to laugh and watch us do things. it will be fantastic. continuing coverage of the storm barreling toward new york city. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. ♪ these are the reasons i quit smoking. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about chantix. over 7 million people have gotten a prescription. learn how you can save money and get terms and conditions at >> look at the loop much hurricane as she heads up the eastern sea board and massing to virginia atlantic city and new york city. the thinking is they can expect four-aches or eight foot storm surge there and every single new jersey shore destination will be affected.
7:44 pm
spring lake they are concerned about and flooding where the snookis and the situations of the world roam. in new york harbor. it amount to jersey city or hoboken. and that will put new york harbor filled with water. one of the highest tied of the new year. and thinking on the party of city officials that could manhattan and west village and lower left part of the map in the low teens and below. it causes real problems in
7:45 pm
central park. it comes in face. you move north in new jersey and connecticut. we are not going to know where it is going to come ashore and it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things . everybody is getting slammed. atlantic city new jersey will face water and beach erosion bill stork is riding out the storm in atlantic city. >> born and raised here and i made a decision not to leave. >> no matter what. >> are you near the water. >> two blocks from the ocean and bay and. >> are you at ground level. >> i am on the second floor of a row home. >> you know how many phot is
7:46 pm
the building. >> 15 on 18. >> shepard: probably. the concern is my understanding is that they are worried about older people and folks who have a hard time. you have to be able to take care of yourself . winds are kicking up really starting to rain harder than in the past hour. >> have you been through a hurricane? >> plenty. >> i was down in nord in an drow in 1992. >> i was in fort lauderdale. >> that storm for our viewers. it moved so fast around 30 miles per hour. you could be in downtown miami but down in kendall it looked
7:47 pm
like a bomb went down. we went down and devastation is unbelievable. one of my memories is that there were no signs . you could be in a neighborhood you knew and be lost for hours . >> exactly. i was in there in 2005 and worked them. how much concern do you have about water in the strotes. i made sure it has fresh gas. and in the narr where we live. and nor'easter flood and hurricane i feel bad. who knows what will happen. >> nor'easter is when the
7:48 pm
storm tracks up the sea and dealt. >> they keep spin that water is cold. >> yes, they do. >> shepard: bill stork shouting oust atlantic city. is it weird to see no one moving about. it is dreary looking. everything is boarded up it is like a ghost town. >> bill, nice to talk to you. >> we'll continue to follow the track now. a lot of things we are watching. whether it is to the right or left. think of it like and maybe from the southern tip. and what that means it would lose a lot of energy before it gets to new york. and fox center is updating around the clock. and fox news will be live and
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>> shepard: hurricane irene on the way to new york city and a lot of folks are trap not able to move up and down the eastern sea board. look how wide this thing is. 700 or 800 miles wide of rain. you can so from south of cape hatteras and the rain band all the way to canada. it is an incredible large
7:53 pm
storm. right in the middle is mike iancy who worked in a hotel. you have been there at 9:00 and you can't go anywhere? there is a few personnel here to make sure the place doesn't fall apart. >> what is the thinking? >> there is a lot of wet backing and water coming in the doors that face the water. it is not like the roof is collapsing in. there is nothing too crazy. >> just getting weight and get it cleaned up to make money next week. nart >> shepard: what is the mood in >> surprisingly okay. we had a lot of tourist that freaked out yesterday and thursday night. the way i look at it.
7:54 pm
i told them, if the locals are not crazy, there is no reason to get freaked out. considering the circumstances, it was time for them to leave. >> right. did we lose him. i guess we lost him. i didn't hear you. go ahead. >> one thing i feel bad for some of the tourist, they were from new york. we had a few people visiting from the city or new jersey that were in range of this storm. good luck down there, we appreciate it. >> shepard: i have a button and with this i find out what is happening next and you can't hear me and today you can. where is joes waldman.
7:55 pm
he is a reporter from wnyw fox 5 and he's on the town of long island and just west of fire island. >> i got you. >> shepard: three feet above sea level. >>reporter: we got out here at 7:00 and sun was shining and then rain and more sun and more rain and now it is rain all of the time . we have a crazy swirling wind going from west to east. what a difference three hours makes. and prior to that, this place was packed and there were people out here all day long until just a half an hour ago and now you see no one. you can see the police
7:56 pm
officers patrolling the area. and you will see it is tough out there and these waves are crashing down and coming on shore. you obviously heard everyone from governor christi to governor cuomo. warning about the real potential dangers. there is a 10 foot barrier wall and now it has reached the boardwalk. and the ocean met the bay because was extensive flooding and that is one of the big fears. >> shepard: it is not going to be that much fun. long beach is three feet of three feet above sea level. for it to happen at high tide, long beach is in trouble. we'll be right back.
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